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WHY DEBUGGING IS MUST...?.?.?... Because...

It could be anybody Coworkers, Neighbors, Enemies, Friends, Your Spouse, Strangers, Government Agents, Industrial Spies, Your Boss, Your Insurance Company...


arrow   Jealous relatives, Male/female friends
arrow   Sexual perverts eaves dropping into bedrooms & bathrooms
arrow   Husbands and wives bug each other on regular intervals
arrow   Parents eavesdrop on children
arrow   Businessmen eavesdrop on other businessmen
arrow   Scientists eavesdrop on other scientists
arrow   Students eavesdrop on teachers
arrow   Lawyers eavesdrop on other lawyers (and their clients)
arrow   Insurance companies eavesdrop on accident victims, and other claimants
arrow   Construction companies eavesdrop on other construction companies
arrow   Competitors eavesdrop on clients or potential clients
arrow   Collection agencies eavesdrop on debtors
arrow   Partners eavesdrop on other partners
arrow   Suspicious companies eavesdrop on their directors
arrow   Small Businessman eavesdrop on large / successful ones
arrow   Eaves dropping done to assist in planning major crimes
arrow   High Threat Personal Situations
arrow   When you have a great Business or Social Plan

Debugging Agency & Services stops eavesdroppers, wireless and wiretappers immediately...

The difference between 'bugging' and 'surveillance' is that between a 'Good Cop' and a 'Bad Cop', 'Sabotage' and 'Counter Sabotage'. When bugged you are under the attack of saboteurs and Debugging Agency & Services counters the saboteurs Bug detection is a very important service that should be taken into consideration if you suspect that you, a friend, or a loved one might be the victim of a bug, wiretap, audio or video unwelcome device. A "bug sweep" (sterilization) is performed to locate a bug, wiretap, audio or video device in an office, residence, cell phone, car, land line, or numerous other places where eavesdropping can occur. Bug sweeps can take anywhere from a couple of hours to a couple of days, all depending on the complexity of the bug, and severity of the breach. There are no bug detection services available although some fly by night operators may claim to be capable, thus you should choose the service that provides the most comprehensive spy detection, telephone bug detection, and surveillance detection.
Debugging Agency & Services offers the most comprehensive bug sweeps available.

We are in the business since the last 32 years and have debugged / sterilized more than 10,000 locations.

Who Gets Bugged ?.?.?

When you or someone close to you, related to you, etc...
have been...

  • In a high political are government position.
  • Mixed up in any type of litigation, lawsuit.
  • In the process of getting married, separated, or divorced.
  • Because you are a religious leader or minister.
  • When you are "A Key Person","The Brain" or part of the"Think Tank".
  • Elected or about to be elected or in the race for any type of elected public office.
  • To any public office (i.e.: selectman, mayor, school principal.
  • Scientist or executive at any large company or business.
  • Recently filed or about to file an insurance claim.
  • Engaging in political activism or demonstrations.
  • Employed in the defense or any position of power or financial deals.
  • Private Investigators have been "nosing" around you.
  • You are in the upper income bracket.
  • Income Tax or Statutory Departments may be interested in you.
  • Contesting or elected in a high political position or as a political leader.

Just keep in mind that anybody with Power, Money, Influence, or access to personal, sensitive, or classified information or documents is at serious risk for electronic eavesdropping.

On a similar note: If you are currently working (or have worked in the past) for any kind of governmental, military, judicial agency or law enforcement, the risk of being targeted for electronic eavesdropping is extremely high. Such eavesdropping can come from either side of the law, and is rarely sanctioned legally or through a court of law.

In addition, people associated with, married to, getting divorced from, divorced from, getting intimate with, or dating a person in high position/power , law enforcement agency, or any level of the judicial system should be worried about illegal audio - video monitoring.

Debugging Agency & Services suggests that if you are in a lukaration or business, or you hold any type of key positions, you should contact us as soon as possible to schedule a bug sweep. There may exist a high threat industry, position, or situation that is not elaborate here. It is a good idea to get wiretaps removed as soon as possible, and the best way to take care of wiretaps and bugs is using the state-of-the-art bug sweeps that Debugging Agency & Services provides. We are the only company in this field of technical surveillance counter measures ( TSCM ) and bug sweeps.

When should you wake up ?

It is not necessary that your should wake up only on confirmation that your personal or professional information has leaked out. Debugging Agency & Services suggests that even potential victims of wiretaps should contact us immediately and we will debug you. A small investment is worth the peace of mind if there is a hunch or doubt of being bugged, please call us immediately and the counter measures should be started immediately. If you are unaware of your risk factor so far pertaining to bugging, please wake up now.

You could be of Business Interest ?

Someone out there may be interested in the precious personal or business information you have. Being bugged is worst than getting ripped and rapped. Anyone can be the target of covert eavesdropping and audio recording, however; some people are at higher risk than others because of occupation, financial position, domestic, or legal situation.


DO NOT try to initiate contact using any suspect telephone, and always call from off-site. (Call from a pay phone at an airport, hotel, or a friends phone). This is a very important issue as it is possible to ruin a Debugging Agency & Services service by being indiscreet on the telephone.

Private Investigators and Security agencies are rarely qualified and experienced to perform bug sweeps. Their training, background, and equipment are for the installation of surveillance devices, not the detection and removal. Always remember that Debugging Agency & Services is a technical service, and is not something your local police department knows anything about. Law enforcement agencies do not perform Debugging Agency & Services services for the public. They simply do not have the equipment, spare time, nor the training and experience.

Do not expect any law enforcement agencies to help you locate an eavesdropping device (it's not their job). The only time that a law enforcement agency enters the picture is in the rare event an eavesdropping device is found during a Debugging Agency & Services sweep (and even then most agencies will pretend the incident never happened).

Places that can get Bugged.

Public Offices

public offices

Bussiness & Pvt. Offices

Business Offices

Research & Production Establishments


Corporate & Govt. Offices

 Govt. Offices

Cars & Vehicles


Homes & Bed Rooms

Bed Rooms

Hotels, Flats & Private Places


Offices & Conference Halls

Board Rooms

Bath Rooms


Politicians & Famous Persons


Mobile Phones & Body Wears

mobile phones

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