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For corporate and government Debugging Agency & Services projects, it is wise to schedule the "External RF Surveys" and initial site visit for the day and evening before the actual sweep. The "Internal RF Surveys" is then performed on the actual day of the sweep.

If your office is at risk, then so is your automobile, and your residence.

Very often, an intelligence agent will not bug an executives office, but instead bug the executives home, or their automobile. This is one of the favorite techniques used by intelligence agents against businessmen and corporations. A proper Debugging Agency & Services inspection will also include the automobile, and private residence of the senior executives and staff.

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Debugging Agency & Services TSCM services always include at least the following (except for brief "Walk Though Inspections"):

  • Analysis/Inspection of all RF/electromagnetic emanations from 20 Hz to above 110 GHz
  • Passive and Active light spectra examined/analyzed from 250 nm to 1750 nm
  • Jamming of all equipment and destroying it
  • Inspection/Examination of all switches, lighting, and outlets for RF/VLF devices
  • Inspection/Examination of all LAN, WAN, and PBX equipment and connections
  • All computers checked and audited for security anomalies/defects
  • Evaluation/Inspection of all computer network facilities and associated network/electrical cabling
  • Inspection/Evaluation of all fax, copying, and other digital or analog imaging equipment
  • Inspection/Evaluation of all fiber optic cabling and connections
  • All phone lines inspected, evaluated and verified back to a central location
  • Inspection/Evaluation of all physical security devices (locks, safes, etc.)
  • Most activities will overlap to provide complete coverage


1. Client Contact us through the Internet or is recommended by a friend or visit our website Debugging Agency & Services

  • Client looks our website Debugging Agency & Services and understand what services we render web site
  • Contact us through email, phone or visit us
  • Although Contact should not be initiated via a suspect cell phone, land line
  • Initial arrangements for secure in person meeting (if requested or required)
  • Materials, information, or documents sent to Debugging Agency & Services in regards to suspect facility or location

2. Meeting

  • A meeting if requested or required is arranged preferably in our office
  • Initial meeting at sterile, safe location away from any suspect facility or location
  • Discussion regarding vulnerabilities, and client concerns
  • An action/extent of operation is planned
  • Formulate plan of action in case a covert audio recording device or security breach is located

To register your requirement & Study the grevits of your threat the charges are

  • In our Office- Rs 500/-
  • In Your Place- Rs 2500/-

3. Facility Reconnaissance, Research, and Pre-Inspection Survey

  • A Review of facility or building blueprints
  • External RF survey sweep (9 kHz to 26.5/40 GHz)
  • Facility and building exterior reconnaissance

The Charges are

  • The charges for this service is Rs 10,000/-
  • The Time Taken is 2-4 Hrs

4. Vulnerability Assessment and Analysis

  • Threat assessment and analysis
  • Physical security assessment and analysis
  • Electronic security assessment and analysis
  • Internal RF survey
  • Audit of facilities and communication systems
  • Inventory of artifacts, furnishings, and fixtures
  • Evaluation of structural or building elements (ceilings, floors, walls)
  • Sketch of facilities, buildings, and suspect areas
  • Identification and assessment of sensitive areas
  • Identification and assessment of intercept locations
  • Identification and assessment of probable listening posts
  • Development of threat model

The Charges are

  • The charges for this service is Rs 20,000/-
  • The Time Taken is 4-8 Hrs

5. Passive Walk-Through

  • Non alerting activities only, No Noise, nothing to alert the eavesdropper or spy
  • Automated wireless microphone and bug detection (9 kHz to 3 GHz)
  • Initial VLF inspection of all telecom, AC, HVAC, and LAN wiring
  • Initial detection of laser surveillance devices and infrared devices
  • Tape Recorder, Video Camera, ultrasonic, and VLF detection
  • Overt threat detection
  • Initial evaluation of locks, physical security, alarms, etc...
  • Most spy shop, amateur, and PI bugs will be detected during this phase
  • Very popular and efficient as it only takes 4 hours for a brief "Walk-Through Inspection"
  • Technical Surveillance Counter Measures ( TSCM ) services above this level start to require increasing investment

The Charges are

  • The charges for this service is Rs 10,000/-
  • The Time Taken is 2-4 Hrs

6. Passive Inspection - Light Spectrum and RF Monitoring

  • Non alerting activities and No Noise only, nothing to alert the eavesdropper or spy
  • "Client on phone", drapes pulled, music softly playing
  • Full passive RF spectrum sweep (20 Hz to above 110 GHz)
  • Full passive light spectrum sweep (83 THz to 450 THz / 300nm to 1710nm)
  • Most spy shop, advanced amateur, and PI bugs will be detected during this phase

The Charges are

  • The charges for this service is Rs 10,000/-
  • The Time Taken is 2-4 Hrs

7. Active Inspection - Non Alerting

  • Minor Noise is created, but it should not alert the eavesdropper
  • RF/VLF check - AC mains (all electrical outlets)
  • RF/VLF check - AC mains (all fixtures/light switches)
  • RF/VLF check - HVAC controls
  • RF/VLF check - Access control and alarm sensors
  • RF/VLF check - Safety and fire sensors/alarms
  • RF/VLF check - Other
  • All phone lines traced back to central office and evaluated
  • All artifacts inspected, documented, and recorded
  • Oblique lighting inspection of all artifacts and walls
  • Initial inspection of window frames, door jambs, and baseboards
  • Initial inspection of all wallplates (PBX, LAN, Electrical)
  • UV lighting sweep (below 400nm / 100THz)
  • IR lighting sweep (above 700nm / 180THz)
  • Visible spectrum light sweep (90THz to 195THz / 350nm to 750nm)
  • Tuned forensic filter and light source sweep (250nm to 1750nm / 65THz to 455THz)
  • Check for telephone set problems/modifications
  • Check for PBX hardware and software anomalies
  • Check for voice mail changes/problems or issues
  • Inspection of all computer connections and LAN connections
  • Inspection of all laser printers and computer output hardware
  • Law enforcement and professional bugs will be detected during this phase
  • Typical/normal threat level for most corporate offices

The Charges are

  • The charges for this service is Rs 50,000/-
  • The Time Taken is One Day

8. Active Scan - Alerting

  • Chirp detection of hidden microphones and other transducers
  • Ultrasonic jamming, IR, and audio (as required)
  • Render the covert audio recording device temporarily inoperative
  • Inspection of all furnishings (chairs, plants, desks, lamps, etc)
  • Open walls and ceilings (move panels and ceiling tiles)
  • Thermal/heat inspection
  • Duct work and HVAC inspection
  • Acoustical/Sound leakage inspection
  • Borescope inspection of all electrical boxes and wallplates
  • Detailed inspection of all lighting fixtures, including lamps, lightbulbs, ceiling lights, etc.
  • Inventory of all conductors, conduits, wall studs, etc...
  • Detailed electromagnetic energy sweep (above 110 GHz)
  • Professional eavesdropping devices will be detected during this phase
  • Typical threat/normal level for Fortune 500 companies and law firms

The Charges are

  • The charges for this service is Rs 1,00,000/-
  • The Time Taken is One Day

9. Post Inspection Actions

  • Verbal presentation and explanation of findings before leaving
  • Presentation of hard copy report (if requested)
  • Corrective actions
  • Follow up actions
  • Recurring TSCM services (if appropriate)

The Charges are

  • The charges for this service is Rs 10,000/-
  • The Time Taken is 2-4 Hrs

10. If a Covert Electronic Audio Recording Device or Activity is Detected

  • Gathering and compiling documentation relating to device or activity
  • Notification of Law Enforcement Agencies (if necessary)
  • Forensic Evalutation, Identification, and Analysis of Device
  • Counter-surveillance actions
  • Counter-intelligence actions

The Charges are

  • The charges for this service is Rs 20,000/-
  • The Time Taken is 4-8 Hrs


The above charges are for services within a radius of 25 Km from the city centre. For services beyond, the charges shall be Rs 5,000/- per hour extra spend on travel & execution time.

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